Texen Beauty Partners goes on the charm offensive for Jean Paul Gaultier

The French packaging company has created unique charms for the luxury brand's Le Beau and La Belle fragrances

Texen Beauty Partners, the French packaging company, is working its charm on luxury fragrance brand Jean Paul Gaultier with unique decorations for its latest launch.

For the brand's male and female fragrances Le Beau and La Belle, Texen created charms consisting of a clasp and decoration as an integral part of the packaging.

The charm is said to provide both aesthetic and practical benefits, according to the company; as well as giving the fragrance a strong visual identity, it also prevents the product being opened in transit, guaranteeing it has not been tampered with.

For Le Beau, the male fragrance, Texen developed a clasp and ring made from stainless steel and galvanised in gold.

Meanwhile, the female variant La Belle features galvanised stainless steel and a floral decoration made from zamak.

Texen previously collaborated with the Puig-owned brand to create a charm for its Scandal fragrance, made to resemble a collar with a miniature version of the woman's legs that usually protrude from the fragrance cap.

Joining its fragrance line-up this year, Jean Paul Gaultier's Le Beau scent for men features top notes of bergamot, a heart of coconut and a base of tonka bean.

The women's La Belle, meanwhile, is an oriental-vanilla fragrance with top notes of pear, a middle note of vetiver and a vanilla base.