Thaiho-KY and Point Pyuru partner up to invest in Japanese market


Thaiho-KY and Point Pyuru made an agreement to form joint venture in Okinawa (Japan) to enter the Japanese market that has a potential annual business opportunities of 2 trillion yen Thaiho aims to enter the global prestige cosmetic market via the Japanese market platform as their goal in five years period; a challenge Thaiho Group is taking in order to become the global’s top three ODM manufacturer.

China's top three cosmetics manufacturer Thaiho Group reached an agreement to form a joint venture on March 14, 2017 with Point Pyuru company in Okinawa, Japan. The agreement aims to show the two company’s intention to set up their first factory in the local area. The first phase of the investment plan is expected to reach US $3 million, which 51% of the fund will be invested and controlled by Thaiho Group, and the rest by Point Pyuru. The investment plan sets the first quarter of 2018 as the the time period to start testing the plant’s production lines. Thaiho Group regards this investment as their growth engine to boost the company’s sales in the international market.

“Thaiho Group officially entered the Japanese make-up domestic market through establishing their first plant in Okinawa. Japan will be the base that backs up the company’s plan to enter the global prestige make-up market.” The chairman of Thaiho Group Mr Michael Guo announced this new investment with enthusiasm, stating that the Japanese cosmetics market sales has an opportunity of 2 trillion yen a year and this market is also the trend leader of global cosmetic markets. Thaiho-KY has set up a main sales office and R&D centre in Tokyo in May 2016.

The construction of the factory in Okinawa will complete the company’s vertical integration business model, which starts from R & D to design, then to the final production. The addition of the new factory will also benefit the collaboration between Thaiho Group and the global prestige cosmetics brands as well as the local Japanese brands.

Thaiho Group has been established for 37 years and is now China's top three cosmetics manufacturers. The company specialises in make up cosmetics manufacturing as well as skin care. The company’s core value is to provide its clients with the newest production technology, formula and build solid partnerships with world's leading cosmetics brands clients. The Chairman Mr Michael Guo described this value as a process to “creating the future of beauty.”

Thaiho Group has developed and owned more than 10,000 kinds of formulas with its professional R&D centre, which forms a large recipe database for international well known clients like COTY, L'OREAL, REVLON, BOOTS. This makes Thaiho Group one of the most important strategic partners in product development and design with those international famous brands.

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Thaiho group is well known for its development of gradation powder, multi-colour powder, multi-colour lipstick and other global popular make-up products. In the near future, Thaiho Group will take such comparative advantage of having the two strong operating engines from China and Japan, to expand its global market shares.