The Body Shop heads to the hives for Honeymania line

The Body Shop is following the honey trail with its latest bath and body care collection.

The Honeymania collection, which launches in September, contains Community Fair Trade Sheka honey from the Ethiopian rainforest. The products in the range include a honeycomb-shaped, scented Soap, embellised with a bee (£2); soap-free Shower Gel (£4); Body Butter (£13); Body Scrub (£12.50); Bubble Bath Melt (£8); Eau de Toilette (£8.50); and Lip Balm (£4).

To source the honey used in the collection, The Body Shop worked with Beza Mar beekeepers, who practise 'barefoot beekeeping' or 'bee whispering', and work with the bees' natural cycles, which supports the sustainable use of the Sheka rainforest.