The Honest Company scores $100m deal for beauty range


Jesscia Alba's company finances expansion

Jessica Alba's lifestyle brand has closed a $100m deal for Series D financing. The funds will be used to extend the brand's current offering as the company seeks to add colour cosmetics, skin care and hair care products to the range.

Brian Lee, Co-founder and CEO at The Honest Company, said: "The Honest Company provides people with effective, safe and accessible lifestyle products for healthy, happy lives. This funding will enable us to expand our current product offerings, support the upcoming launch of Honest Beauty and further our goal of bringing Honest products to a greater number of households around the world."

Earlier this year the company revealed plans for the upcoming launch of Honest Beauty this autumn. The new line will add to The Honest Company's existing range of more than 120 products. The brand already produces personal care, baby care, home care, vitamins and supplements and baby formula. Its stockists include Target, Whole Foods, Nordstrom and Costco.

Jessica Alba, Founder and Chief Creative Officer at The Honest Company, said: "At The Honest Company, we dream big to fulfill our vision of a healthier and more conscious future. With this funding and our partners' support, we are being given an opportunity to make an even greater impact. We look forward to continuing our growth in the marketplace and meeting our consumers' evolving needs."

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