The Inca Inchi of GREENTECH: Sustainable development & Fair trade & Research


GREENTECH has a strong experience and many commitments to sourcing...

GREENTECH has a strong experience and many commitments to sourcing.
Since 1992, the company has mainly focused on perfect traceability of supply chains and created privileged and sustainable partnerships with local producer. Also, GREENTECH promotes loyalty to producers, exchanges of expertises, knowledge and know-how, and supplies suitable equipments too, for prosperity of both partners.

In 2003, GREENTECH has implemented a strong link with a Peruvian company, Agroindustrias Amazonicas. From the beginning, GREENTECH has been involved in Inca Inchi culture and oil production by purchase of raw material, supply of production tools and sale partnership.

The Inca Inchi oil is a rich source of omega-3 and so a natural resource for health. Actually, the oil has been traditionally consumed in all kind of food in Peru. Thus, our partner has recently obtained the certificate for food use. This the first time that a traditional Amazonian food receives the approval for food use in Europe and Inca Inchi oil is the last novel food* authorized by European Union.

In order to still develop this strong partnership, GREENTECH looks for new valorisations of Inca Inchi plant thanks to its other compounds. Consequently, the R&D laboratory at GREENTECH is working on proteins purification and promotion of by-products...

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*Novel foods are foods or food ingredients that were not consumed, or only in negligible quantities, in the European Union before 15 May 1997.

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