The Lipocire range becomes 100% segregated


Palm oil today dominates the worldwide natural oil market. . .

Palm oil and responsible sourcing

Palm oil today dominates the worldwide natural oil market; yet its impact on deforestation and its consequences on biodiversity have rightfully raised concerns. In order to counter such damaging effects on the environment, a Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) was established in 2004. This group has agreed to a set of criteria that must be met for palm oil to be certified sustainable.

As a user of palm oil and palm kernel oil derivatives, Gattefossé is sensitive to the environmental impact of palm tree growing and participates in the development of sustainable cultivation.

A 100% segregated range at a fair price

Gattefossé has put in place specific sourcing procedures for the palm and palm kernel oil used in the production of Lipocire A SG* and Lipocire CM SG, 2 products 100% made of sustainable palm and palm kernel oil.

From now on, all Lipocire products range are 100% composed of RSPO segregated grades with a new certification and addition for Lipocire DM SG. This means that the palm oil purchased by Gattefossé comes from different certified sources and is kept separate from ordinary palm oil throughout the supply chain.

To provide its customers with access to responsible and reliable ingredients at an advantageous price, Gattefossé decided to absorb almost all the additional costs due to the use of certified segregated palm and palm kernel oil.

*SG: segregated

Sustainable texturizing ingredients

The Lipocire range uses palm oil and palm kernel oil. The fruit of the palm tree, with dark red skin and yellow-orange flesh, is particularly rich in nutrients. Both the pulp of the fruit and the almond contain over 50% of triglycerides. The two oils differ in the length and the distribution of carbons on the triglyceride backbone.

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This range is obtained by interesterification of these two hydrogenated palm oils, creating ingredients with unique sensoriality and functional properties for both skincare and make-up formulations.

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