The Somerset Toiletry Co adopts biodegradation technology for plastic packaging

The new ingredient, developed by Change plastic for good, enhances the breakdown of plastic by attracting microbes in oxygen-free environments

In an effort to reduce its plastic packaging waste, The Somerset Toiletry Co has teamed up with Change plastic for good to adopt its new Breakdown Plastic (BDP) technology.

This method of biodegradation enhances the breakdown of plastic by attracting microbes in oxygen-free environments.

The enzymes secreted by the microbes render the plastic hydrophilic, or ‘water loving’, creating a biofilm, which is then hydrolysed and causes the individual polymer chains to breakdown.

This allows microbes to consume the polymer matrix and speed up the breakdown process in microbe-rich environments, such as landfills and oceans.

The Somerset Toiletry Co has adopted the technology for its hand wash, body lotion & shower gel bottles in the new Plum Violet fragrance range.

“We are on a path to ensure we become as environmentally sustainable as quickly as we can, as innovative new materials emerge,” said Chairman Sakina Buoy.

According to Change plastic for good, biodegradation rates will vary in biologically active landfills, according to the type of plastic, product configuration, temperature and moisture levels.

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