The dichotomous consumer

While the behaviour of today’s consumer may quite often seem contradictory, it may not be as dichotomous as it looks, says NPD Group's Karen Grant

Today, across industries, appealing to consumers is less a matter of this or that and more a matter of this and that. Finding the ‘compelling value proposition’ is a combination of appealing to both realities often within the same consumer – value and investment, innovation and familiar, the choices for ‘me’ and the choices for ‘we’. The elements may seem opposed, but they are often simply sides of the same dichotomous consumer coin. By definition, the word dichotomy refers to a division into two parts. When the division is dichotomous, the two parts are also considered to be mutually exclusive, opposed and even contradictory. Yet, while the behaviour of today’s consumer may quite often seem divided, the dichotomy is not as opposed as one might think.

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