The latest hair care formulations: Treating the scalp and protecting hair

These four example formulations work from scalp to shaft for strong, clean hair and a happy scalp

Cosmetics Business has selected formulations that work from scalp to shaft for clean hair and happy scalp.

These include a scalp mask that controls sebum and relives itchiness; an anti-pollution protective shampoo; a 3-minute repair conditioner for both the hair and scalp; and a leave-on spray to rehydrate the hair.

Formulation 1

Lubrizol is of the philosophy that beautiful hair starts at the scalp. This Sebum Control Scalp Mask contains 10% clay, as well as Aromaphyte Eucalyptus GL to invigorate the scalp and Actiphyte Grapefruit GL to purify and relieve itchiness.

Formulation 2

A protective shampoo based on Capiguard from Codif, a polysaccharide with a resurfacing action, which has a depolluting effect, and restores and smooths the hair cuticle.


Dissolve the phase B materials while stirring until completely uniform. Add the phase A materials one by one while checking solubility between each addition. Keep stirring gently for ten minutes. Add C while stirring and keep stirring for five minutes. Add the premixed phase D while stirring and keep stirring for five minutes. Add E while stirring and keep stirring for five minutes. Add F while stirring and keep stirring for 20 minutes.

Formulation 3

3 Minute Restore Conditioner contains Evonik's Hairflux, an olive-based ceramide that cares for both the hair and scalp; a conditioner containing 1% Hairflux is proven to substantially repair damage to bleached hair and improve the resistance of ethnic hair following acid straightening.


Heat phase A and B to 80°C separately. Add phase B to A and homogenise. Cool down while stirring. Add perfume and preservative below 40°C and stir well. Adjust pH to 3.5-4.0 if needed.

Formulation 4

Seppic's Xylishine ingredient – a combination of hygroscopic sugars from wood and sugars from Pelvetia canaliculata – reduces brittleness and instantly rehydrates hair. The following formula is for a Curl Hydration leave-on spray.

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