The new innovative decorative cosmetics brand with the Ecocert quality seal for natural cosmetics


GG naturell is the new decorative cosmetics brand by Gertraud Gruber Kosmetik

The new innovative decorative cosmetics brand with the Ecocert quality seal for natural cosmetics

The innovative products with natural, intensively nourishing formulations and aesthetic shades bring out the individual beauty, the special uniqueness of every woman.

Under the motto of “Natural beauty – as authentic as you are”, the natural cosmetics brand will be presented to the GERTRAUD GRUBER salons and hotel spas in October as part of a series of roadshows with 8 stations in Germany.

Ecocert quality seal to international Cosmos standards

GG naturell attaches great importance to the highest quality standards, transparency towards the consumer, organically grown ingredients and production methods with a low environmental impact.

As the confirmation of this, almost all GG naturell products bear the Ecocert quality seal according to the international standards of Cosmos Natural or Cosmos Organic for certified natural cosmetics, and at the same time guarantee the best tolerance and effectiveness.

In harmony with nature and the environment: paper from the local region

Sustainability through ecologically and socially responsible use of nature and her resources is part of the GG naturell brand's claim. For instance, GG naturell's folding boxes for its products are printed on high-quality paper from the local Tegernsee region, tested and certified by the CO2 balance seal. This climate-neutral printing process supports environmental projects all over the world.

The GG naturell product range

Make-up for an even, naturally radiant complexion

The focus of GG naturell's innovative make-up products is high-quality formulations with long-lasting coverage for a well-cared for, even, radiant complexion:

GG naturell Serum Foundation with a light liquid, water-free organic texture blends perfectly with the skin and ensures the optimum finish. Its medium coverage conceals unevennesses and underscores the natural complexion.

Plant oils from controlled organic cultivation have a nourishing and smoothing effect, while vitamin E counteracts the early formation of lines and wrinkles. For normal and combination skin.

GG naturell Creamy Foundation, specially developed for mature skin, combines foundation and skin care for a naturally beautiful appearance. Intensively nourishing ingredients and plant oils such as argan oil and macadamia oil provide elasticity and suppleness, and reduce the formation of lines and wrinkles.

The soft, creamy texture is quickly absorbed, and blends with the skin to cover unevennesses naturally and effectively. Stem cell extracts from the gardenia stimulate the skin's renewal process, strengthen the skin tone and make the skin look firmer.

GG naturell Creamy Concealer covers rings around the eyes and fine lines, giving the complexion an even more beautiful radiance. The natural formulation with exclusive ingredients provides long-lasting coverage.

Perfectly mattifying GG naturell Compact Powder makes the complexion look even and flawless while at the same time setting the foundation. Precious plant oils such as jojoba oil and essential lemon oil provide additional care.

The powder has a naturally fresh fragrance, and leaves the skin feeling velvety-soft and a silky complexion without an annoying shine.

GG naturell Powder Blush sets lively accents in delicate blusher shades, and gives the complexion a naturally radiant freshness. Also ideal for the individual contouring of the cheek area. Furthermore, jojoba oil and lemon oil help to counteract the skin ageing process and make the skin look optimally cared for.

GG naturell Bronzing Powder gives the skin a natural tan – as if kissed by the sun! The softly shimmering texture makes the skin glow in a fresh look. With nourishing plant oils and essential lemon oil for a naturally fresh fragrance.

GG naturell transforms every woman's eye area into an irresistible focal point – with long-lasting make-up products of the highest quality and in a wide variety of colours:

GG naturell Colour & Care Eyeshadow delights with its highly-pigmented formulation in subtle and strong hues for every look, from pearl to satin and cappuccino to indigo and anthracite. The powdery organic texture blends gently without adding weight to the eyelids.

The intensively coloured formulation of creamy GG naturell High Definition Care Mascara provides the lashes with intensive volume. The mascara brush precisely separates the individual hairs and emphasises each single eyelash for the perfectly defined glance.

Natural ingredients protect, nourish and strengthen the lashes. Also suitable for contact lens wearers.

The waterproof GG naturell Eye Liner Pencil emphasises the eyes precisely and expressively in intensively-coloured shades. Naturally made of plant and mineral ingredients.

The GG naturell Eye Brow Pencil in subtle shades underscores the natural colour of the eyebrows. The practical brush is ideal for individually styling the brows to create a beautifully defined frame for the eye area. Naturally made of plant and mineral ingredients.

Spotlight on lip make-up

GG naturell has the matching lipsticks, lip glosses and lip liners in a wide range of colours so the lips are always seen at their very best, whatever the occasion:

The creamy texture of GG naturell Colour & Care Lipstick in various colours leaves a soft, pleasant wear comfort without drying the lips out. Natural oils such as jojoba and coconut oil as well as natural waxes are moisturising and nourish the lips.

GG naturell Brilliance & Care Lip Gloss emphasises the natural lip colour with a delicate colour shine in shades such as nude, sand, rose and sorbet right up to red. The glossy shimmering, long-lasting texture nourishes the lips at the same time with natural plant oils.

GG naturell Lip Elixir Transparent Gloss highlights the natural beauty of the lips, making them look plump and soft and giving them a glossy finish. The lips are intensively nourished by the moisturising organic formula with almond, jojoba and argan oil as well as shea butter.

>GG naturell Lip Liner Pencil is made from plant and mineral ingredients. It highlights the natural outline of the lips, and at the same time sets the lipstick for lovely, long-lasting lip make-up. With a practical applicator.

Spotlight on nails

The intensive colours of GG naturell Nail Colour ensure the nails are an attractive focal point. The quick-drying formula with ingredients of mainly natural origin gives long-lasting colour and shine. Contains no chemical solvents.

Moisturising GG naturell Nail Oil nourishes dry, rough nails and cuticles with a rich combination of active ingredients of pure, natural plant oils: coconut, kukui nut, walnut, baobab, almond and passion fruit oil.

GG naturell 3 in 1 Nail Hardener, Base & Top Coat with ingredients of mainly plant origin, and without any chemical solvents, is an all-round talent: it strengthens the nails naturally with resin from the pistachio tree, and can be used both as a nourishing base coat and as a glossy top coat.

The formula combines a vitamin-rich green cocktail of spinach, avocado and green tea with amino acids.

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GG naturell Nail Colour Remover with natural, purely plant-based, easily biodegradable solvents removes nail polish gently and effectively without damaging the nail plate. Lemongrass and argan oil also nourish the nails and cuticles.

  • GG naturell Serum Foundation 29ml
  • GG naturell Creamy Foundation 30ml
  • GG naturell Creamy Concealer 3,5ml
  • GG naturell Compact Powder 8,5g
  • GG naturell Powder Blush 8,5g
  • GG naturell Bronzing Powder 8,5g
  • GG naturell Colour & Care Eyeshadow 2,5g
  • GG naturell High Definition Care Mascara
  • GG naturell Eye Liner Pencil 1,05g
  • GG naturell Eyebrow Pencil 1,05g
  • GG naturell Colour & Care Lipstick LIPSTICK 4g
  • GG naturell Brilliance & Care Lip Gloss 4,5ml
  • GG naturell Lip Elixir Transparent Gloss
  • GG naturell Lip Liner PENCIL 1,05g
  • GG naturell Nail Colour 5ml
  • GG naturell Nail Oil 5ml
  • GG naturell 3 in 1 Nail 5ml
  • GG naturell Nail Colour Remover 100 ml.