The 'no make-up' or washed face effect is the latest trend this season

“More skincare and less makeup” is the beauty trend that we have to talk about for this spring-summer season. The washed face effect, don't forget it because wearing almost naked skin and without a trace of eye shadow or lipstick, is the most fashionable this spring-summer.

The no-makeup look has been gaining strength for a long time and is now establishing itself as a top trend at this moment.

On the one hand, it's the winning look on the Paris catwalk, in fashion shows by such powerful designers and until now, faithful lovers of bold black eye-liner for well-defined smoky eyes, combined with powerful red lips, such as Saint Laurent or Dior.

Today they have removed all sophisticated makeup in favour of models with healthy, beautiful and clean skin.

On the other hand, it's a more than a logical proposal in times when sustainability and responsible consumptions are a social challenge and concern at a global level.

On top of that, we have an incipient search for health and well-being, a search that has undoubtedly changed and will change our consumption habits even more.

Currently, many consumers prefer to invest in skincare cosmetics rather than makeup. They call it the skincare effect and it responds to the consumer’s interest in wellness and sustainability.

If for years the catwalk has been a crazy place for the presentation of extravagances and the most creative looks, this year the naked skins have won the game.

This skincare trend shows a beautiful and enhanced appearance beyond naturalness. It's a proposal that aligns perfectly with other current trends such as the desire to take care more of ourselves, to be greener and healthier, to feel better about ourselves, plus the satisfaction of doing a more responsible consumption of cosmetics.

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