The real autofill bulb dropper on the market

Driven by consumer demand, beauty offers increases daily as brands constantly look for news ingredients and formulations for greater effect in a shorter time. Correct dosage and precise application are consequently more important than ever to ensure optimal results.

Virospack Autofill Dropper provides a high-tech solution for an exact formula in-take, which is also suitable for higher viscosity products.

It's the unique Autofill Dropper with bulb on the market and the first with an operating patented auto-loading system inside for ensuring an accurate dosage at every click. Benefiting from a premium hermetic closure control, this innovative dispenser offers a satisfying application for the consumer, which is ideal for cosmetics like serums, oils, lotions, fluid make-up products, as well as higher viscosity formulations.

The mechanism is precise yet simple to use. Twisting the cap open automatically charges the correct dose. Clicking the push button then dispenses the exact formula onto the skin area.

The Autofill Dropper has been engineered for optimum use. The precision of the dosage and application is matched by the maximum safety and protection of the formula, as well as excellent level of finishes for a premium pack with high quality, definition and weight, for a pleasant feeling in use.

Available with rubber bulb -either nitrile or butyl-, with plastic and aluminium exterior, and with wiper, it's totally customisable.

It's compatible with 20/410 neck bottles and specially recommended with Virospack's moulded glass bottles –Wide and Slim models in capacities of 15 or 30ml, with high quality and weight thanks to the tick of their base.

  • High-tech patented autofill bulb dropper
  • Suitable for higher viscosity formulas
  • Prescise formula in-take and apploication
  • Premium closure control for a nice feeling in use.

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