The scent of love: 5 ways romance and body odour is shaping fragrance

By Sarah Parsons 12-Sep-2018

From beauty brands to dating websites and beyond, more consumer-facing companies are exploring fragrance creation as compelling evidence emerges regarding the relationship between natural body odour, perfume, love and attraction

Are men really from Mars and women from Venus when it comes to body odour preferences? A recent report from Kantar China suggests it could be the case.

According the study in partnership with Old Spice, 91% of women rate good body odour as a key to romantic success, while nearly 60% of men do not realise that poor body odour affects their relationship.

Meanwhile, 67% of women think that men with sweet, floral smells are less attractive. For the same reason, 89% of female respondents said they would not go on a second date with a man who had this type of scent.

Interestingly, 89% of women revealed that their first love was unforgettable because of his natural aroma. While this study focused on Chinese consumers, it highlights how there is room for brands to venture further into personalised beauty and tap into the scent of romance.

Here are five trailblazers pushing the boundaries of scent and ...

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