The skin and hair experts from RAHN-Cosmetic Actives were honoured with two BSB Awards

Published: 25-Apr-2023

Celebrate with RAHN's happy and winning team!

"Very intense test regime, excellent results, comprehensive documentation" – with these jury ratings, RAHN has received two BSB Innovation Awards for their new products HAIRVIVINE®-PRO and PERFELINE®-FIT on March 28, 2023.

The awards were presented at the in-cosmetics global in Barcelona. To follow the virtual award ceremony, visit BSB Innovation Award on Youtube.

PERFELINE®-FIT, the secret of vascular fitness for eyes and body

(3. Prize, Category Raw Materials / Actives)

Imagine having puffy eyes or heavy legs - feeling exhausted and swollen is the norm. RAHN-Cosmetic Actives from Switzerland unveils PERFELINE®-FIT, an active that strengthens the micro-vessels in human skin. By inhibiting nitric oxide synthase, responsible for the generation of the strong vasodilator nitric oxide, reduces liquid accumulation and consequently puffy eyes and heavy legs.

PERFELINE®-FIT is obtained by means of water-based extraction of Helichrysum italicum syn angustifolium. It contains chlorogenic acid and di-O-caffeoylquinic acids, which are used to reinforce the plant’s capillary system. We used this in a biomimetic way to strengthen the microvessels in human skin.

Clinical studies have shown that PERFELINE®-FIT significantly reduces the visibility of puffy eyes and spider veins. It smoothes and soothes the skin by reducing the microcirculation. It even counteracts an increase in the microcirculation on exposure to heat stress, thus reducing redness of the face.

HAIRVIVINE®-PRO, the secret of en'hair'gising

(1. Prize, Category Natural Products / Raw materials / Actives)

Imagine having hair loss and too few eyelashes - the trouble lies often in the roots. RAHN-Cosmetic Actives from Switzerland unveils HAIRVIVINE®-PRO, an active that supports the physiological functioning of hair follicles. By activating autophagy and increasing the number of active mitochondria, it energises hair follicles and thus preserves hair growth. HAIRVIVINE®-PRO is a carbon-neutral extract from the seeds of the Styrian pumpkin Cucurbita pepo var. styriaca, produced sustainably without the occurrence of plant waste.

Clinical studies have shown that HAIRVIVINE®-PRO improves the density of hair per cm2 and reduces hair loss. Furthermore, it stimulates eyelash and eyebrow growth. HAIRVIVINE®-PRO leads to an improvement of numerous eye appearance parameters assessed by a subjective perception and visual inspection.

In an ex-vivo study, it has been demonstrated that HAIRVIVINE®-PRO serves as a hair growth booster in the case of human hair follicles.

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