The 'sounds' of fragrance played at Paris museum


Scent Constellation, a new album created by composer Daniel Sonabend, is being played at an installation at Le Grand Musèe du Parfum

The 'sounds' of fragrance played at Paris museum

A musical album that captures the 'sounds' of fragrance is due to launch on 1 June.

Composed by Daniel Sonabend, the Scent Constellation album will feature five musical fragrance compositions: Eau de Cologne, Oriental, Fougère, Floral and Chypre.

The music is currently being used to accompany a permanent installation also called Scent Constellation at Le Grand Musèe du Parfum in Paris, France.

Created by Jason Bruges Studio, the installation is designed to portray the perfume creation process and scent pyramid through sound.

The sounds play for as long as each fragrance note lasts with a fast-evaporating top note represented by a short sound, and a lingering base note playing for longer.

Sonabend, based in London, specialises in creating music for scent and was commissioned to create Cartier's first Unidentified Scent Object - Le Nudge Parfumé (The Perfumed Cloud).

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To listen to a preview, click here.