The ultimate skin balance concept

SKINBIOSIS: microbiota and beyond

Nature is governed by an indispensable but fragile equilibrium between fauna and flora inhabiting the same space. This interdependence of billions of lives on Earth has maintained a natural order for thousands of years in spite of the great diversity of species and the complex unicity of each biotope.

In ancient Chinese philosophy, Yin-Yang expresses all the concrete dualities of life: a set of opposite and complementing forces in the same universe, controlling the vitality of Nature and, paradoxically, forming one and same unit.

As a microcosm of Earth, the skin is an ecosystem affected by the symbiosis of relationships between the various communities inhabiting it, called microbiota, and the natural mechanisms that ensure its physiological functions.

These two parameters strategically keep watch to protect this harmony from all types of internal or external stress that could imperil the delicate balance of the skin.

It thus becomes necessary to take into account both the equilibrium of the microbiota and endogenous cutaneous pathways when treating dry, mature, oily skin, blemished skin, or sensitive skin and uncomfortable scalp.

SILAB has therefore developed SKINBIOSISTM, an unprecedented concept offering duos of active ingredients that act on both the skin’s ecosystem and its biological pathways to reach a steady cutaneous balance:

  • Dry skin, preservation of the microbiota and nutrition: LACTOBIOTYL + NUTRIPEPTIDES
  • Mature skin, re-equilibrate the microbiota and aging well: ECOBIOTYS + WELLAGYL
  • Blemished skin, inhibition of "bad bacteria" and regulation of desquamation: DERMAPUR HP + RECOVERINE
  • Senstive skin, reinforcement of natural defenses and soothing effect: INDUFENCE + NEUROFENSE
  • Uncomfortable scalp, barrier to dandruff problems and anti-irritant effect: ADANDRINE + CAPICALM

This SKINBIOSIS overall approach thus provides the possibility of developing cosmetic solutions adapted to all types of skin and hair care.

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