The ultimate super food for skin care

Greenaltech has developed a new technology to manufacture and isolate novel compounds from the microalgae cell wall. It is natural, sustainable and opens a world of innovation potential.

ALGAKTIV BioSKN, the first active based on it, revitalises and rejuvenates the skin thanks to its growth factor performance while preserving a balanced microbiome and calmed skin.

  • ALGAKTIV BioSKN revitalises ageing skin thanks to its cell renewal potency
  • ALGAKTIV BioSKN promotes clear skin by balancing the skin microbiome with its broad prebiotic action
  • ALGAKTIV BioSKN is the ultimate super food designed for skin care, providing skin energy and balance

The latest clinical study demonstrates how it promotes clear skin thanks to its comprehensive yet mild approach. Consumers consistently praise its energising and nutritional value and particularly that the product does not dry the skin.

Greenaltech will launch it at inCosmetics London 2017. Join their technical seminar (April 5 at 9:40 AM, Theater 2) to learn more!

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