Tisserand intensifies retail focus


Aromatherapy brand seeks to raise profile

Aromatherapy brand Tisserand is increasing its focus on retail in the UK in a bid to raise brand awareness to previous levels. The brand, founded by Robert Tisserand in the 1970s, divides its product offering into four sectors: traditional aromatherapy, skin treatments, personal care and convenience.   

According to Jennie Harding, Tisserand’s product technical advisor, the brand has enjoyed renewed success through its convenience range, which features pre-mixed essential oil blends in roller-ball formats, which can be bought as mini-kits.

In addition Tisserand has opened a new aromatherapy academy, to replace the old Tisserand Institute. Harding says that while the institute focused on aromatherapy, the new academy, which trains Tisserand employees, is “much more commercial”.