Trichology hits China’s mass market as big brands invest in scalp care


Chinese women are investing in healthy scalps – opening up a new hair care sub-category for mass brands

Trichology hits China’s mass market as big brands invest in scalp care

Until two years ago, scalp care products were regarded as an elite product in China, with sales generally restricted to expensive lines sold at high end hair salons.

But recently, these specialist hair care products have become widely available on the mass market and are proving especially popular with young women commanding higher incomes, according to London-based research company Mintel.

While exact growth numbers are not available, as the segment is too young and too small to merit comprehensive market research, the trend has been picked up by multinationals such as Procter & Gamble and Henkel, who have been racing to launch scalp care products in China in the past year.

Big brand investment

In April 2018, Henkel introduced its Syoss Nature Pro Scalp Expert Shampoo, a limited-edition line integrating a scalp gel and a massage cream.

The gel contains American witch hazel essence and climbazole to soothe scalps and reduce dandruff, while the massage cream (formulated with kaolin) delivers scalp oil control, as well as hydration.

Davin Leong, Henkel's General Manager, APAC Regional Sales Director & China Marketing Director, says scalp products have received ...

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