Trilogy - Building the brand


Since its inception over 10 years ago, Antipodean skin care brand Trilogy has expanded into 20 markets globally. Corinne Morley, the brand\'s Global Sales and Marketing Manager, talks to CosmeticNews about her plans for continuing to build its reputation in high-performance naturals.

Can you sum up the Trilogy ethos?

Our philosophy is simple: natural skincare that works. We believe our customers are amazing everyday women, who want to live beautiful, not complicated lives and we believe you don\'t have to sacrifice quality for natural. From the beginning, we set out to make products which perform as well as, if not better than, the more traditional synthetic and mineral oil-based alternatives. Trilogy is built on a foundation of sustainable, ethical business practices.

In which markets is Trilogy currently sold internationally?

Trilogy is available in over 20 markets around the world. UK and Ireland, along with the home markets of New Zealand and Australia, are certainly our largest markets.  Japan, South Korea and the US are where we\'re seeing our fastest growth.

What are some benefits/challenges of using natural ingredients?

Fine, natural ingredients in their purest form produce products that work in true harmony with the skin. We love botanicals for their simplicity, natural affinity with the skin and the concentrated goodness they contain. In terms of challenges, working with only pure, natural ingredients means supply can fluctuate, depending on growing seasons, climate conditions and other factors. Natural ingredients can also be more expensive than their synthetic counterparts, and because we source from leading suppliers all over the world, using certified organic and fair trade sources wherever possible, keeping production costs to an acceptable level can also be a challenge.

What is the biggest change you\'ve seen in the beauty industry?

Over the last decade, I think people have become a lot more ingredient-savvy when choosing their skincare. They\'re also much more aware of the issue of "green-washing" and will make the effort to educate themselves so they are able to make informed decisions about the products they choose to purchase. On the industry side, the advances in both ingredient and production technologies are astonishing and have created huge opportunity for product innovation, particularly in the natural category.

Do you have plans to extend into other beauty categories?

Not at this stage. We think there\'s still plenty of room to grow within our primary areas of expertise, skincare, body care and hair care.

What are your plans for continuing to grow Trilogy this year?

We\'ve a huge year ahead, with a stunning new packaging design rolling out globally, a new website launching in the first quarter and a very strong calendar of new product launches and promotions. Apart from that, it\'s business as usual – we\'ll keep making amazing products that our customers love.