UPL proudly supports Made in Britain labeling on British manufactured products


Support to boost manufacturing campaign

Mark Menzies MP recently joined UPL at a dinner to discuss the future of UK manufacturing. The UPL attendees represented the whole company and came from business and product development, manufacturing, production and finance – and they all came with one strong belief: that British manufacturing is vital to the future growth of the UK economy. Since it was founded 35 years ago UPL has been proud of the contribution it has made to both the local economy in the North West as well as the valuable role that manufacturing plays within the overall UK economy. We are therefore very supportive of the current Government campaign promoting goods that are ‘Made in Great Britain’ and we are delighted that our local MP Mark Menzies has tabled a parliamentary question to ascertain the Government’s plans to label products as ‘Made in Britain’. UPL’s views are echoed in the new \'Make it in Great Britain\' campaign that was recently launched by Vince Cable. The campaign is aimed at transforming outdated opinions of UK manufacturing, and at the campaigns’ launch Vince Cable commented: “Despite popular belief, Britain still does make things and has outstanding manufacturing companies, large and small. Our world-beating companies have an excellent reputation for innovation. I want our young people and those who hold outdated views of British manufacturing to see that reality. That’s why we’re launching the Make it in Great Britain campaign.”
 “To help us do that I want our most passionate manufacturers, whether that’s ‘captains of industry’ or those just starting out in their careers, to be our industry champions. With their help, we can modernise people’s views of manufacturing and dispel the myth that ’we don’t make anything in the UK anymore.” UPL hopes that the campaign is a success and that it helps to promote the value of the UK Manufacturing Industry and that it also leads to a new approach to labeling British Manufactured goods as ‘Made in Britain’.