URL to IRL: The leaders of social engagement in beauty

By Sarah Parsons 24-May-2017

Dove, Bath & Body Works and Sephora are top the US list, but what other brands have made the grade?

URL to IRL: The leaders of social engagement in beauty

Dove, Bath & Body Works and Sephora are the three top personal care and beauty brands in the US, according to the latest social media analysis from Engagement Labs.

The marketing research company used its TotalSocial tool for the first time to measure consumer conversations about beauty brands.

The data brought together social media 'listening' with offline word-of-mouth analytics to create a single performance score and a definitive list of the Top 30 US brands.

Beauty companies were assessed on the volume of conversation on and offline, positivity conversation, the sharing of brand content on and offline, and day to day consumer engagement.

“Given how much most brands in the personal care and beauty category are focused on influencers with a large Instagram following, this is an important reminder that consumers are also talking about these brands offline as they determine what looks good, which new or long-standing brands best meet their needs, and generally share their experiences with others,” Ed Keller, CEO of Engagement Labs told Cosmetics Business.

Cosmetics Business takes a look at the Top 10 beauty brands in the US and exclusively reveals the full list.

1. Dove

URL to IRL: The leaders of social engagement in beauty

Dove took the lead as the top personal care and beauty brand for consumer conversations, by asserting itself as a company that continuously questions perceptions of beauty.

The Unilever-owned brand refuses to let itself be defined as just a body care brand, but something bigger – a social movement.

“Dove is a standout because it performs well both offline and online," said Keller.

"The brand has sustained its marketing success over the years through promoting positive self-image and highlighting issues surrounding the media’s depiction of women, which spark conversations."

“Dove’s campaigns are larger than beauty tips and tutorials, which is why the brand has been so successful.”

2. Bath & Body Works



Bath & Body Works, the number two TotalSocial personal care and beauty brand, uses its retail stores to build an emotional connection to its customers.

Designed to evoke pleasant memories from the past – such as the scent of a holiday candle or a favourite fragrance – the stores are designed to feel like home. In addition, the brand has carefully cultivated relationships with in-store customers, which in turn leads to offline conversation.

3. Sephora

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Sephora has merged ...

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