UVA protection comes to light in Japan’s sun care market


This year the emphasis in Japan’s sun care market is on better protection from UVA radiation, which has been proven to penetrate deep into the skin and linked to the onset of wrinkles and aging. Japan’s cosmetic companies have already responded to the trend, releasing new products that offer enhanced moisturising ability and easier application. This includes sunscreens that spread more evenly and provide longer lasting protection.

The move towards UVA sun care follows soon after Japan’s Cosmetic Industry Association increased its top UVA protection grade from PA+++ to PA++++. All new products launched in the country now meet the new standard. Consumers have also taken the change on board, with a recent survey by the country’s Nikkei Research Institute finding that over 80% of consumers were either using or intended to use PA++++ sunscreens.

Shiseido has responded to the country’s sun care resurgence by creating a special coating for the UV blocking agent in its Anessa sunscreen to work better with its moisturising agent. Meanwhile, Kanebo has also looked to merge skin care technology with sun care, recently reworking its Allie Extra UV Gel. The gel now has an enhanced moisturising effect along with a UV blocking layer that clings to the skin. The layer is said to be unaffected by sweat or oil, and has a soft focus effect.

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According to research firm Fuji Keizai the sun care market in Japan was worth ¥26.7bn in 2012, up 0.8% on the previous year and up 13% since 2009. Further growth is projected.