Unilever continues £2.5m compressed campaign

Brand reaches out to those who have yet to switch to greener packaging

Unilever is running a £2.5m marketing campaign aimed at consumers who have not yet tried its range of compressed deodorants. The new campaign includes TV, VOD, print, digital, and sampling all sharing the message that Sure Shower Fresh Compressed Deodorant lasts just as long as a larger can.

The format is available across Dove, Vaseline, Dove Men+ Care and Lynx brands.

Unilever says that if every spray deodorant used was compressed, the carbon footprint of the aerosol industry would be reduced by 25%. The brand is encouraging other brands to used the “compressed” term to make the transition easier for consumers.

Heidi Williams, Marketing Manager for Sure and Compressed at Unilever, commented: “We believe that once consumers realise that already 9 million women have chosen a compressed antiperspirant it will encourage people who have not yet tried to give it a go.”