Vantage Personal Care launched Jeesperse NoLo during the 2023 NYSCC Suppliers’ Day Show in New York last week

Published: 12-May-2023

Jeesperse NoLo is a new product range of self-emulsifying bases for hair care applications

The Jeesperse NoLo range includes two powder products, Jeesperse NoLo N1 and Jeesperse NoLo C2, that use no or low mixing energy in the emulsion process due to their self-emulsification properties.

Vantage aims to save formulators time, energy, and money by helping to employ cold- and low-energy processes that in turn simplify manufacturing procedures. Depending on your project, Jeesperse NoLo powders can significantly reduce overall manufacturing time. A simple formulation using individual ingredients can take up to six times the amount of time needed to complete the formulation procedure with Jeesperse NoLo.

Jeesperse NoLo powders contain all the chassis ingredients needed for the creation of successful hair conditioner formulations and exist in two grades:

Jeesperse NoLo C2 (Natural Origin Index: 65%) or Jeesperse NoLo N1 (Natural Origin Index: 85%). Both grades contain grapeseed oil combined with behentrimonium chloride for intense hair conditioning. Just add your hero ingredient and launch your product! The viscosity of the formulation can easily be adjusted by adjusting the concentration of Jeesperse NoLo powders.

Vantage Personal Care also featured the Jeesperse NoLo in its new Concentrated Conditioner Drops, a waterless formulation for hair care that is presented in blue tablets versus a traditional liquid conditioner at Suppliers’ Day. We are proud to announce that this formulation has been selected as a finalist for the 2023 CEW Beauty Creators Award!

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