Vermont Soap to pass bulk savings on to clients

Small scale producers and personal care start-ups to benefit

US maker of organic soap, Vermont Soap says it is passing along bulk buying discounts to its craft-producing customers through a new Bucketloads of Savings programme.

“We are tough negotiators on prices and shipping costs for the ingredients we buy and now we’re passing on the savings to small scale soap makers and start-up personal care manufacturers,” says Vermont Soap founder and ceo Larry Plesent. “Our main gig is 5 gallon pails but we can partner on larger sizes too.”

Pricing for the 5 gallon pails of certified organic oils are $99 for palm oil, coconut oil and vegetable glycerin from palm oil, and $199 for extra virgin olive oil. Prices for other bulk soap ingredients are available from the company.

The company says expanding into bulk organic oil sales complements the sales of other bulk soap making ingredients including castile liquid soaps and shower gels and natural shea butter.