Virospack produces packaging for Apivita's latest creation


A wonderful explosion of hydration and freshness for skin in a cosmetic precise package with a refreshing image

Result of Apivita’s laboratory research, Aqua Beelicious Refreshing Hydrating Booster is born. It’s a multi-purpose booster with water-gel texture, expertly formulated with a flower fusion of cistus, iris, wild rose and honey.

It's a new serum rich in super- moisturizing ingredients, offering an explosion of instant and long-lasting hydration and freshness, which comes in a full pack by Virospack.

The new Apivita Booster replenishes immediately skin’s moisture reserves even in extreme environmental conditions (before and after sun exposure, cold, wind).

It rebalances and soothes the skin’s imperfections such as redness and irritations while fortifying it against environmental aggressors providing a healthier and more balanced skin.

The brand needed a packaging that protected this excellent formula with 98% of natural ingredients, in addition to facilitating the use of the cosmetic with the greatest precision in dispensing and application.

Apivita also wanted a packaging capable to transmit clearly the concept and promise of the product. With these objectives, the brand and Virospack have worked together, shaping this container made up of a 30ml capacity tubular glass bottle and a cosmetic dropper with a rubber bulb.

It's a pack that responds perfectly to the brand’s wishes whose components have been manufactured and decorated in Virospack facilities ensuring the final result.

Glass is undoubtedly the best choice when we talk about delicate cosmetic formulas and Virospack tube glass ensures the highest quality. The vial has been painted in sea blue, a customized colour for Apivita, with screen printing in broken white. A decoration that instantly transmits freshness and hydration.

The dropper has a cap in the same sea blue colour and a bulb in white. A personalized dropper that combines with the bottle giving personality to the final set.

A full pack at the end that ensures precision and comfortability in the usage with a cosmetic and elegant look evoking freshness and maximum hydration.

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