Vivimed introduces several new and exciting hair dye product launches for 2018

Vivimed is pleased to introduce several new and exciting hair dye product launches in 2018.

Jarocol Royal Blue and Jarocol Rich Black have been developed for formulators who may be concerned about using dyes not yet regulated onto Annex III of the EU Cosmetics Regulation. These new Jarocol blends are easy to use, have excellent solubility characteristics, are stable in both acidic and alkaline conditions and can be used in temporary and semi-permanent formulations to produce a variety of colours from blue to brown to deep black.

Jarocol AOL is an exciting new launch which can be used as an alternative to resorcinol allowing formulators to develop resorcinol free products. For those consumers who prefer the natural route, our Nisarg range of henna and indigo based hair dyes can offer natural hair colouring solutions.

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