Vytrus challenges skin care: The Cell Nectar for a D-Skin

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What does the D-SKIN concept consist of?

Our skin needs the light to be healthy and produce the essential vitamin D: the sun vitamin.

Did you know that vitamin D levels are critically decreased due to the hectic lifestyles, mainly in-house habits, and an excess of using of sun protection creams?

What if we propose a natural active ingredient that significantly ignites the in-situ production of Vit D by epidermal cells to strengthen, revitalise, volumise, and glow your faded skin? This is the hidden secret of Vytrus’s new active: NECTARIA LITHOPS!

What other key concepts will be exposed?

  • Boosting of skin dewiness and glow
  • Skin-deep layer hydration
  • Microcirculation.

Vytrus Biotech will present this new plant cell culture-based strategy to the cosmetic industry in two webinar sessions on April 20 by Òscar Expósito, CEO, CSO and co-founder.

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Join us and discover the natural power of plants!

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