WWP Beauty kickstarts Refill Revolution with eco-friendly new packaging solutions

By Austyn King | 21-Oct-2021

The five skus are designed to provide easy to use refillable solutions for beauty products including colour cosmetics, skin and hair care

WWP Beauty, the US-based private label cosmetics and packaging manufacturer, has unveiled its Refill Revolution collection, further growing its range of sustainable packaging solutions for eco-conscious beauty brands and consumers.

Designed to promote a more circular design system and reduce carbon emissions, the collection features five new packaging solutions that can be used for a variety of beauty and personal care products including colour cosmetics, skin care, hair care and more.

Available in the collection is the Refill Revolution Airless Pens, with a selection of applicator options including a cooling metal roller ball for spot treatments and eye serums, a triple micro roller ball for targeted eye and lip treatments and an oval brush for concealers and liquid foundation products, which are said to be easy to integrate into an existing product line and to reduce carbon emissions by up to 60% after three refills; a Multi-Use Face Stick, said to be ideal for colour and skin care formulations that can also be made with PCR content for additional eco-credentials, while producing 72% fewer greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions compared to non-refillable counterparts; and Multi-Use Body Stick for body care and hygiene products, which features an easy-to-use refill system with a monomaterial refill cartridge and is said to reduce GHGs by up to 71%.

Meanwhile, there is also the Refill Revolution Powered Up Pump, featuring a keepsake design that is easy to refill for colour cosmetics, skin care and hair care products; and a Refill & Go Bottle, which is designed for users to take on-the-go to refill their favourite cream or gel-based formulas including make-up, skin care, body care and hair care.

Michael Tognetti, Global Sustainability Senior Director at WWP Beauty, said: “This collection of intuitive refillable packaging was designed with components that could be used across all categories of beauty to show brands the possibilities of applying a refillable programme to their existing line.

“Using our Eco-Analyzer tool, we have generated validated sustainability claims and carbon emissions reduction percentages to show our customers the sustainable impact refillable packaging has.”

Though previously niche, today an ever-growing number of brands across all sectors and price points are betting on refillable as the future of beauty, from the likes of Tesco to Trestique offering eco-conscious consumers convenience while minimising their impact on the environment.

The Refill Revolution collection is the latest in WWP's efforts to offer sustainable solutions for the beauty industry, following the launch last month of its Zero+ collection of waterless, multipurpose products with 'clean' formulations complete with natural and renewable packaging with materials sourced from farm waste.

Meanwhile, earlier this year the company set out to disrupt the fragrance sector with its Es·sence solid stick scent collection, created in partnership with Scentinvent Technologies and designed for on-the-go use.

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