What does the FDA’s new white paper on testing for asbestos in cosmetics mean?

By Becky Bargh 8-Feb-2022

Cosmetics Business puts the FDA’s new guidance on how to effectively test for cancer-causing asbestos in cosmetics under the microscope

Asbestos, in worst cases, can cause ovarian and a type of lung cancer

The US’ Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has taken a significant step towards solving the age-old problem tracing asbestos in talc-containing cosmetics.

New guidance, published in a white paper, has set out best practices for scientists to effectively test for the cancer-causing fibre in cosmetic products.

Scientists and experts of the Interagency Working Group on Asbestos in Consumer Products (IWGACP) were among those to publish the findings.

A statement released by the FDA claimed that the opinions were significant given the “long-recognised shortcomings of other methods in use in their ability to detect asbestos”.

So, what are they?


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