What men want: Superdrug reveals body spray is booming

Body spray sales are up an impressive 67% year-on-year

UK retailer Superdrug has revealed new insights into what men want when it comes to filling their bathroom cabinets.

The A.S. Watson-owned retailer has been widening its male grooming offering over the past year with its choice of grooming products available growing by 15%.

As a whole, sales in the male grooming category have shot up 25% year-on-year at Superdrug. Body sprays emerged as a high-growth category, up a massive 67% year-on-year. David Beckham’s brand is said to be driving celebrity sales in this sector; the former professional footballer has his own line of products including Beckham Classic Body Spray (£1.48). Other areas of growth include razors, up 25%; hair styling skus, up 15%; and men’s hair dye, up 12%.

Superdrug has taken the opportunity to find out more about men’s shopping habits too. From a survey of around 1,300 men and 1000 women, it emerged that one fifth of men admit to spending more time grooming themselves now than they did five years ago, while 62% said they have a daily grooming regime.

It seems that men are also taking pleasure as they peruse the aisles, with 41% saying they “thoroughly enjoy” shopping for men’s grooming products. Only 13% of men said they leave shopping for grooming products to their partner. But are men big spenders? It seems not, with one quarter saying they spend less than £10 on grooming products every month.