What tests for skin sensitisation, endocrine disruptors and pollution?


Visit IDEA TESTS GROUP at in-cosmetics Amsterdam, stand J141

Dr Frederic NUNZI, Ph.D., Head of IDEA Lab, the IDEA TESTS GROUP company dedicated to in vitro tests will hold an innovation seminar at in-cosmetics 2018 titled "Skin sensitization, endocrine disruptors and pollution: What tests to assess your cosmetic products regarding those key issues?"

This seminar will take place on Tuesday the 17th of April, from 16:30 to 17:00 in Theatre 3.

Abstract of the presentation

Skin sensitisation is a current hot topic in the world of cosmetic ingredients and formulation evaluation.

In addition, public opinion is increasingly asking questions about the presence of endocrine disruptors in cosmetics.

The harmful effects of pollution and its consequences on health are also chronicling. What are the stakes for the cosmetics industry?

What tests does your CRO propose to address these major public health issues and establish claims that meet the expectations of your consumers?

Frederic Nunzi

Frederic Nunzi

Presenter’s biography

Frederic NUNZI is Doctor in Cell Biology and Microbiology and Eurotox Expert.

He performed those functions in the field of rapid and industrial microbiology for 5 years, then the clinical diagnosis for 4 years.

Since 2005, Frederic Nunzi is at the head of IDEA Lab.

He has overseen the implementation of GLP within IDEA, along with the development of in vitro regulatory toxicology tests.

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Contact: f.nunzi@groupeideatests.com

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