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Seatons presents their updated natural oil sensory selection guide.

Seatons presents their updated natural oil sensory selection guide.

Seatons’ extensive range of natural oils and butters have a wide range of sensory and physical properties. This easy to follow selection tool helps formulators to choose the oils or butters that will best suit the individual product or brand.

Seatons sensory selection guide details the physical properties of each oil including physical form, colour and emollience. Each oil and butter have also been evaluated for skin migration, skin play and afterfeel. The guide also makes suggestions of the best end use applications as well as providing some background to each oil. The guide covers 38 of Seatons’ most popular oils, But with over 100 different oils in their range and customers spanning the globe Seatons are guaranteed to have an oil or butter to suit your needs.

If the oils you are interested are not covered by the guide please contact pc@seatons-uk.co.uk for full technical support in your decision on which oil to use.

You can download the brochure by logging on to Seatons’ website at www.croda.com/seatons and clicking to register.

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Please contact your local Seatons or Croda representative for further details, or visit www.croda.com/seatons.

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