Why is the hair industry still using formaldehyde?

The safety of formaldehyde has been studied for years, with some results drawing a link between the chemical and cancer. Owner of formaldehyde-free brand Magic Sleek reveals to Cosmetics Business her thoughts about the hair straightening treatment industry and how to ensure customer safety

Olga Isakov is the founder of formaldehyde free straightening product brand Magic Sleek.

Here she talks to Cosmetic Business about the evolution of hair straightening technology and how the FDA can help protect consumers from the damaging impact of chemicals within the hair care industry.

Olga Isakov

Over the last several years, hair-smoothing technology has drastically evolved.

Clients cannot get enough of these semi-permanent treatments; however, at what cost?

Many of these Brazilian and Keratin straightening treatments contain formaldehyde – which may be cancer causing and can be absorbed through scalp. Additionally, when heat is applied formaldehyde can be inhaled as toxic fumes.

They say beauty is pain, but there must be another solution rather than virtually poisoning our clients and ourselves in the process.

To date there have been many achievements in regards to natural alternatives in the hair straightening sector.

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