X-Rite to unveil new colour measurement techologies at Making Cosmetics 2012


Demonstrations will show how techniques can precisely measure and control formulas for colour

X-Rite Europe GmbH will demonstrate the latest applications in colour measurement technology used by some of the world's largest cosmetics companies at the Making Cosmetics 2012 show to be held 28-29 March in Birmingham, UK.

X-Rite representatives will demonstrate how cosmetics companies are applying advanced quality control techniques to precisely measure and control formulas for colour and appearance. Attendees of the Making Cosmetics 2012 show can view demonstrations and obtain information on the new offerings at X-Rite’s stand 204 in Hall 6 of the NMM Exhibition Centre in Birmingham.

X-Rite, the world's largest designer and manufacturer of colour measurement systems and the parent company of Pantone LLC, will be demonstrating an array of optical instruments, software applications, perception tests and other tools used to provide inexpensive, quick and easy means by which cosmetics companies can accurately measure and communicate the subtle hues, colours, and shimmer of 21st century cosmetics.

Industrial sales manager, Peter Smith said cosmetics manufacturers and their vendors will be interested in X-Rite's tools used to control the three main aspects of colour measurement: illumination, observer or instrument, and the item being measured. With regard to illumination, the X-Rite team will show how SpectraLight light booth technology provides calibrated lighting of test samples so that products will meet the exacting standards of specifiers under daylight, incandescent, fluorescent and other types of illumination. They will also demonstrate the company's FM100 Hue Test that provides a highly effective method for measuring whether individuals involved in assessing colours as part of their job responsibilities may have deficient, normal or exceptional colour vision.

Other demonstrations will include use of the Color i5 benchtop spectrophotometer that assesses the colour conformity of perfumes and lotions and allows users to possibly verify other physical-chemical characteristics, such as concentrations and natural or synthetic aromas. X-Rite represen-tatives will demonstrate its non-contact benchtop spectrophotometer VS450 and its family of MA94, 96 and 98 multi-angle spectrophotometers. Both device types can measure wet cosmetics samples as pastes and liquides, as well as dry samples as powders, without contacting the test surfaces. The MA98 is designed specifically to accurately measure pearlescent effects in cosmetics that can confuse conventional spectrophotometers.

X-Rite has developed its X-Color QC software to link the measurements of the MA98 or other instruments with data that a cosmetics company may record during production, such as date, time of manufacture, batch, supplier of raw materials and pigments, even process parameters such as particular formulas, mixing times and temperatures.

Pre-show information may be obtained by visiting www.xrite.com or by writing to Industrial Sales Manager Peter Smith at psmith@xrite.com