Yonwoo Drop Tube: The high-tech answer for mass and masstige brands

New from Quadpack is Yonwoo's Drop Tube, offering accurate dosage one drop at a time. Designed with a plastic nozzle, it offers excellent price performance compared to high-end dropper tubes. Simply perfect for liquid skincare and pharma treatments in small sizes, such as eye drops, concealer, hair essence, under-eye serum or facial oil.

Drop Tube is very easy to use. Just squeeze the 15ml tube and it will dispense the product in exact 0.055ml* drops. Apply it directly to the local area or onto your fingertip first. Whichever way you use it, each precious drop makes you appreciate the product.

Drop Tube comes in a 19mm diameter and with a choice of a Luxefoil or 5-layer co-ex interior. Both act as a barrier to light, gas and moisture, making it impermeable to organic and chemical substances. Made of PP throughout for ultimate compatibility, it comes with an injected screw-neck nozzle and a cap which blocks it when closed.

This simple pack can be decorated using a number of techniques – silk screening, hot stamping, colour matching and offset – to make it true to your brand.

Drop Tube has been validated at Quadpack's central test laboratory.

*Within a range of 0.060-0.054ml

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