iD Scent creates new perfume sampling gesture


The new Scentouch solution can be presented in a perfume bottle form, which will reveal an 'applicator' infused with the fragrance

French fragrance sampling specialist iD Scent introduced an innovative means of fragrance sampling at Luck Pack Monaco 2019.

It’s Scentouch fragrance discovery solution allows for testing under realistic conditions. It can be presented in the form of a perfume bottle, which the consumer can open by removing the ‘cap’ to reveal an ‘applicator’ infused with the fragrance.

The consumer can then smell the fragrance on the applicator or apply it to their skin or other pulse point. Since it is enclosed the fragrance is stored optimally over time and consumers can keep the sample and test it as and when they like.

iD Scent collaborated with fragrance house Takasago on a balanced fragrance composition to demonstrate how SCENTOUCH works.

SCENTOUCH lends itself well to different shapes including a bottle, rectangle or square. Various decoration options can be applied including hot stamping and gloss.

From a marketing point of view, SCENTOUCH can be used to replace traditional blotter strips in the retail market, as well as working well for mess-free press sampling and e-sampling.

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