proDERM relaunches quality seal as dermatologically approved


With an increasing number of labels, consumers are becoming more and more uncertain with regard to the decisions they make.

Many manufacturers make use of seals to gain a competitive advantage at the point of sales. However most seals do not provide the required positive differentiation.

This refers not only to the design but also to the licensing requirements of the seal in question.

Test institute proDERM offers the seal 'DERMATOLOGICALLY APPROVED' now in a completely redesigned manner.

Despite the new visual experience the seal includes carefully selected elements which are aimed at making the difference: for one thing a landing page url has been included so that consumers can retrieve important information nice and easy while making purchases.

With a dominant logo located in the middle of the seal, the reputation of the institute speaks for itself. Last but not least, the strong claim 'DERMATOLOGICALLY APPROVED' which in its nature is much stronger than many other seal claims.

With the new logo proDERM now offers comprehensive information related to the seal on the website and in a new brochure.

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