skinSense by Abi Cleeve adds higher strength retinol option


New Double Strength Retinol Night Serum (0.6%) joins bestsellers Retinol Serum (0.3%) and Retinol Eye Concentrate

skinSense by Abi Cleeve adds higher strength retinol option

skinSense by Abi Cleeve, the long wear skincare line that delivers results with its stable high concentration of active ingredients locked in with innovative lamellar structures, has added a higher strength targeted retinol treatment to its signature collection.

The skinSense Double Strength Retinol NightSerum, launched earlier this month, offers a higher retinol concentration of 0.6% for those wishing to progress ingredient potency from the bestselling 0.3% skinSense Retinol Serum that launched in February last year.

Like its predecessor, the skinSense Double Strength Retinol Night Serumcombines active encapsulated retinol (Vitamin A) with additional ingredients proven to support and improve the skin’s texture and hydration levels.

Key active ingredients

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The newest addition to the range, skinSense Double Strength Retinol Night Serum offers a 3-tier approach to a skin treatment:

  • Retinol is encapsulated in this light serum and delivered to the skin for optimal results: At 0.6% concentration this latest retinol formulation suits those who have already been using retinol in their routine and are readyfor a higher strength.
    This night serum is designed to up the ante in energising the skin’s nightly restorative cycle, helping to resurface and rejuvenate skin structure. This higher concentration, formulated in skinSense’s signature lamellar formula, ensures the retinol is deliveredgradually below the skin’s surface throughout the night ensuring maximumresults without overpowering or irritating the skin
  • Lamellar protected hyaluronic acid to effectively re-hydrate the skinabove and below the surface:hyaluronic acid retains up to 1000 time sits own weight in water and draws moisture to the skin’s surface for an instant plumping effect.
    However, by encapsulating HA in a lamellar formula and also hydrating subcutaneously, the skin enjoys a consistent moisture boost rather than a one-off surface-only effect
  • skinSense signature collection contains LineFill complex to support, firm and plump the skin: Present in all products in the skinSense SignatureCollection, this anti-wrinkle wonder complex derived from sesame seedand formulated with a blend of actives increases lipid production and helps plump and restore the skin’s structure and bounce.