skinSense by skin care expert Abi Cleeve welcomes new range

The brandís new HydraNet Collection features Lamellar technology, designed to protect the skinís surface layer

Abi Cleeve

skinSense, founded by skin care expert Abi Cleeve, has introduced a new 7-sku range.

The HydraNet collection features the brandís form of patented Lamellar technology, which is said to protect skinís outer layer, while allowing active ingredients to penetrate it.

The technology is designed to emulsify cosmetics oils and form an invisible layer around the active ingredient, while depositing antioxidants into the skin, which helps fight external aggressiors.

Cleeve said: ďFor over 20 years I have been developing new formulas for Ultrasun [another sun care brand founded by Cleeve] using Lamellar technology.

ďThis is when I started to ask the question: if we can get UVA and UVB protection to stay all day long, then why canít we do that with hydration, anti-ageing and the ingredients we all want on our skin throughout the day and night?Ē

Within the complex are four active ingredients: Hydro-Gain regenerates skin; Fucogel provides short-term moisturisation; Hyalu-Cage encases the active ingredients to be released into the skin; and Pollushield mimics the skinís natural protection barrier.

Included in the collection is the brandís Hydrating Cleansing Foam (£22), Intense Concentrate (£26), Hydrating Day Cream (£28), Hydrating Night Cream (£28), Powerful Eye Concentrate (£20), Energising Face Mask (£26), and Moisturising Body Cream (£24).

The line will be available from June online via and

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