wesource by Seppic unveils its active ingredient of the year 2021


In its new Inspifactory series dedicated to niche trends and active science, wesource - Seppic brand for its cosmetic active ingredients - announces Hydrachrysum as its Cosmetic Active of the Year for 2021

For 2021, the influential Pantone Color Institute has defined two colours of the year: Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow. The union of these colours represents the collective desire for strength and optimism of the world, following a year of unprecedented uncertainty.

Based on its understanding of new consumer insights, wesource has also selected its cosmetic active ingredient of the year.

Indeed, wesource market researches reveal that in the wake of the health crisis, consumers are looking for more than just natural cosmetic products and ingredients, they expect evidence of a more sustainable product manufacturing and they now place importance on reliable expert figures and technologies in science.

Therefore, Hydrachrysum, a plant cell lysate from the Everlasting of Dunes, has been selected.

On one hand, the Everlasting of Dunes or Helichrysum stoechas , is a plant with small grey leaves and stems and yellow flowers. On the other hand, beyond the colours of the plant, the active ingredient matches the new consumers’ expectations, in the way it’s designed combining science and nature, for a more sustainable beauty of tomorrow!

Find out more on Hydrachrysum here.

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