Climate-conscious beauty: More than a fair weather skin care trend

As consumers become more aware of their environment and its effect on their skin, Pour Moi Skincare says the time has arrived for climate-centric beauty

Ulli Haslacher

Most consumers today are familiar with the idea of dry skin in winter, but what about the effect of high or low humidity, dry air or a temperate climate?

Ulli Haslacher, is the founder of Pour Moi Skincare – which took six years to develop – and brings more than 25 years’ experience as a consultant in the beauty, health and wellness industry.

Here, she talks to Cosmetics Business about her new skin care proposition and why stabilising your skin’s climate might just be the key to its health.

Tell us about the concept of climate-centric skin care…

We broke the conventional premise that skin care should be formulated per skin type – that’s your mother’s skin care. We believe today skin care should be formulated for the climate you live in and travel to. It’s a paradigm shift, it’s a very disruptive idea in skin care.

I became frustrated with in skin care; it didn’t matter what brand you used, it worked on and off. I couldn’t figure out for a while why it wasn’t consistently working and why my skin felt dry sometimes or out of whack when I was travelling.

My father was a chemist and he was part of the development of powder coating, paint on surfaces that withstand different environments. Today everybody has their garden furniture, their cars powder-coated, so the environment can’t affect it. I grew up living all over the world to make sure that powder coating worked in different climates so I was predisposed to thinking about surfaces and climates.

When I looked into the medical journals, I was stunned at how overwhelming the research is that the . . .

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