OEKAbeauty Creations 2012


New mascaras and lip gloss options for the cosmetics industry

For more than fifty years the German company has been a manufacturer of complete lipsticks, mascaras and lip gloss packs for the international cosmetics industry.

Delashious Brushes

One of the main objectives 2012 is to step up investments and offer a wider range of new brushes in different geometrical shapes based on manifold fiber materials and profiles.

A notable concept is a new series of three small brushes that produce a great effect: Delashious Brushes. Convenient to use they are ideal to catch short lashes - true performance instead of mere marketing claims.

The Diamond Brush is another fiber brush that will launch 2012. Its diamond-shaped comfort zone in the center part is specifically designed for volume transmission. This is the perfect brush for a precious look to visualize volume and definition.

Diamond Brush

OEKAbeauty teamed up with a German design university to develop a brand new patent pending applicator: Palm-Sensation. Its new design offers smooth application and unrivaled comfort. Experience a touch of tropical breeze through its soft and flexible palm-leave shape.

Palm Sensation

With a series of innovations in fiber brushes in 2012 the company is looking to draw more attention to its expertise in this field and is willing to invest even more money into the market and new brush manufacturing machinery. In close cooperation with the customers, they will continue to provide an even wider and efficient service to determine the ideal brush for any application and to find the best combination for every requirement.

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