The Body Shop ditches oil-based plastics


Carbon capturing plastic to be used in packaging as part of sustainability drive

As part of wider drive to be more sustainable, The Body Shop plans to reduce its use of oil-based plastics by 70% in the next four years.

The brand has teamed-up with Newlight Technologies to introduce AirCarbon to its products. The material uses methane and carbon dioxide instead of oil, taking greenhouse gases out of the air in its production.

The production process for creating AirCarbon replaces the oil usually used in plastics with a new captured carbon process. The Body Shop is the first company so far to industrialise AirCarbon in the beauty industry.

Mark Herrema, CEO at Newlight, said: “We are proud to work with The Body Shop to help them replace oil-based plastics with AirCarbon and use captured carbon as a source of good.”

Christopher Davis, International Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at The Body Shop, added: “The impact of our research commitment with Newlight we hope will support [our] global business in increasing resource efficiency of product packaging, providing market access to new ways of buying and using The Body Shop products and services and increasing the perceived value of packaging and materials.”