‘Green beauty’ market shines

Published: 13-Nov-2013

The global natural personal care market has seen impressive growth

The global natural personal care market is consistently flourishing, according to market researcher Kline, with impressive growth of natural cosmetics within mature markets and China becoming the global powerhouse.

Many factors are influencing the figures, said the analyst, including a focus on new natural ingredients, the opening of new channels of distribution, and the general consumer movement that is demanding greater transparency in labelling.

Of China, the firm said: “2013 is seeing the Chinese natural personal care market posting a nearly 24% increase in sales, fuelled by major economic and societal changes that have resulted in quadrupled incomes and a movement away from coastal mega-cities.” It added that increasing disposable incomes has led to a rising concern of health-related issues, therefore boosting the sales of natural products.

Local brands currently comprise around 80% or more of the Chinese market and of these local players, those offering mostly products based on traditional Chinese medicine account for around two thirds of the natural personal care market.

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