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Microbes are evolving to eat plastics, study finds

Plastics-degrading microbial enzymes could be the key to novel recycling processes

P&G’s sustainability goals in jeopardy in wake of recycled plastic shortage

Entire beauty industry is facing a shortage of recycled plastic materials, says cosmetics owner

New postcode-based recycling tool aims to clear up waste and confusion for UK consumers

The Recycle Router from Provenance and Valpak allows Brits to check which packaging materials are recyclable in their area

Is there enough PCR plastic to go around?

When it comes to sustainable packaging options, PCR content is popular among beauty brands and consumers alike. However, surging demand amid ambiti...

Cosmetics Business unveils 11 of beauty’s biggest launches this December

Starring Paco Robanne’s latest 1 Million fragrance, UK colour cosmetics brand Lisa Eldridge’s new Liquid Lurex Eyeshadows and many more, these are...

Dior’s iconic J’adore fragrance flacon reimagined for Christmas 2021

French architect India Mahdavi has designed the new pack that is said to ‘irresistibly’ draw in the wearer’s touch

Luxury holidays: How ultra luxe packaging is evolving

With the season of excess just around the corner, Cosmetics Business looks at some of the essential cues for ultra luxe packaging and asks: can sup...

Cosmetics Business reveals 5 ways that personalisation is changing the beauty industry

As consumers acknowledge that one size doesn't fit all, personalisation is having a transformative effect in beauty, from product to customer reten...

Elemis, Unilever and PZ Cussons sign up to ‘Re’ circular economy initiative

The model, ideated by Beauty Kitchen co-founder Jo Chidley, could prevent more than 100 million bottles going to landfill in three years

Oh sheet: Is there such a thing as a sustainable single-use sheet mask?

One of beauty’s last single-use skus is the sheet mask. Dubbed a ‘valueless’ beauty product by some, its environmental problems do not just arise f...

Bottling sunshine: How to pack you sun care products

Sunscreens have always demanded specific packaging requirements; however, the desire for more sustainable formulations is growing hand-in-hand with...

Inaugural Cosmetics Business Live attracts 1,600 attendees

The personal care and beauty community turned up for 30 hours of content across five days

Beauty’s ultimate goal should be to end packaging waste, says CTPA

How to adopt reuse and refill models was a hot topic at the roundtable attended by ministers and activists

Connected packaging: A door to new worlds

Digital worldbuilding is increasingly a must for beauty brands. But where can packaging fit into this virtual marketing move?

Olay makes skin care more disability friendly with Easy Open Lid

The P&G-owned brand is offering its inclusive lids for its most popular products including Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream, Vitamin C + Peptide 24...

Up in the airless: The latest airless dispensers for cosmetics

Cosmetics Business rounds up the latest launches in the airless packaging category that are taking the format to the next level