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India’s Lotus Herbals buys 25% stake in DTC skin care brand Conscious Chemist

The deal is the latest in a series of investments by Lotus Herbals since 2020

L’Oréal and Verily partnership to reveal secrets of ageing

The collaboration will also inform L’Oréal’s beauty tech strategy and product development

Tears of her enemies: Caroline Hirons launches facial mist with StriVectin

The limited edition mist aims to refresh, hydrate and nourish the skin

How does pH impact skin health?

Skin pH differs with factors including body site, age and skin colour, and a too alkaline pH can trigger dermal issues. Equally, having a healthy,...

Martha Stewart steers CBD empire into cosmetics

From being introduced to CBD by Snoop Dogg, Stewart is taking her brand to new highs

Deciem raises prices across The Ordinary and NIOD

The Canadian skin care maker is known for its affordable pricing and transparent marketing

Luxury holidays: How ultra luxe packaging is evolving

With the season of excess just around the corner, Cosmetics Business looks at some of the essential cues for ultra luxe packaging and asks: can sup...

Cosmetics Business Trends: The dawn of the 'suntellectual'

Gen Z may already be skintellectuals, but could the rise of the ‘suntellectual’ be the next big skin care story of the decade?

Ren Clean Skincare names Michelle Brett as CEO

Brett replaces Arnaud Meysselle, who leaves the beauty industry to run Jellycat

Contenders for retinol’s throne

Retinol is top of the class for beating wrinkles, but its propensity for triggering sensitivity means brands are always on the lookout for the ‘nex...

Cosmetics Business Trends:
The anti-stress skin boom

The convergence between beauty and health is accelerating. Each Friday throughout January, Cosmetics Business will release key trend insight on new...

One in six consumers are switching to animal-free skin care this Veganuary

Concerns for animal welfare and the environment, as well as potential negative effects of cow's milk on skin, is driving the surge in demand for an...

Microbiome-friendly: How to make prebiotic skin care

Dr Marie Drago, founder of Gallinée, discusses formulating products that care for the skin's micro flora

Gallinée launches anti-waste operation for products nearing the end of their shelf life

The microbiome brand's first sale will run until the end of the month, with more planned throughout 2022

Heroes of hydration: What exactly are aquaporins?

Julie Droux of Clariant discusses this essential family of membrane proteins which help keep our skin hydrated