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Azeco Cosmeceuticals is the world’s leading supplier of azelaic acid to the cosmetic industry. Founded in 2014 , we earned this distinction by providing exceptional purity levels, consistent reliable supply and outstanding technical and regulatory support to our customers.

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At Azeco quality and reliability come first. Our high purity azelaic acid is manufactured and handled according to the standards of numerous federal and international regulatory agencies.  Extensive quality and technical documentation is available, as well as ISO 9001:2015 certification and Cosmos approval. Based in The Netherlands, Azeco Cosmeceuticals serves customers worldwide with reliable deliveries of flexible quantities.

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Azepur99® high purity azelaic acid from Azeco Cosmeceuticals is a free flowing micronized powder produced from high oleic sunflower oil. This versatile ingredient is 100% biobased, palm free and of European origin and is REACH-compliant.

Product: Azepur99®

Top grade azelaic acid for cosmetic skin and hair care applications.

Functions of Azelaic acid:
• Anti-inflammatory
• Antibacterial
• Comedolytic action
• Hyperpigmentation reduction
• Rebalancing keratinization
• Normalisation of skin flora
• Proven effectiveness in dermatology
• Less side effects than other ingredients

Applications of Azelaic acid:
• Skin impurities
• Skin prone to acne or rosacea
• Dark spots
• Skin brigthening/lightening
• Sun damaged skin and skin-aging
• Hair (re)growth  

Azepur99® stands for:
• High purity > 99%
• Particle size: D(99) max. 20 micron
• European origin
• Vegan, vegetable origin
• Extensive quality control and documentation
• Technical support and customer service

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