Barrier repair has gone viral and these are skin care ingredients you need

By Julia Wray | Published: 4-Dec-2023

Following a surge in consumer interest in keeping the skin barrier healthy, new launches of cosmetic ingredients meeting this claim are also on the rise

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The skin barrier plays a vital role in keeping us healthy and when compromised can lead to a whole host of complexion problems.

“The outermost layer of the skin is called the skin barrier, which is a protective layer between the organism and the environment,” explains Dr Aiza Jamil, a consultant dermatologist with sk:n Clinics.

“It has a vital role in maintaining the integrity of the body. It regulates water loss from the inside out, retains moisture and keeps the body hydrated. It also protects the body from external agents like chemicals, toxins, allergens and microbes.”

She adds that when the skin barrier fails, it becomes prone to redness, irritation, sensitivity, increased dryness, flaky skin, breakouts and a reduced ability to retain moisture. “This can lead to the development of conditions like eczema, acne and fungal skin infections,” she adds.

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